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rhythm instruments and folk toys

Mouth Bows

Mouth Bows

The mouth bow or pickin' bow is one of the earliest stringed instruments dating back to primitive cultures in Africa and Asia. In America, the mouth bow is found in some parts of east Tennessee and Arkansas where early settlers came in contact with native American mouth bow players.

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Limberjacks/Clogging Dolls/Dancing Dolls

Limberjacks/Clogging Dolls/Dancing Dolls

Our clogging dolls or limberjacks, are replicas of traditional toys which probably originated in the British Isles several hundred years ago. They imitated clog dancers, who jigged noisily to the sounds of the fiddle on cobblestone streets in their wooden-soled clogs. The idea of the limberjack was carried to America by early British settlers, who whittled them for their own children. In today's world of electronic gadgets, computers, and high powered video games, children and adults alike are captivated by the limberjack, as they were a hundred years ago. Limberjacks are great for developing a child's sense of rhythm and coordination. Our limberjacks are made of cherry, a native American hardwood, and come with a stick, tapping board and instructions.

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Rhythm "Bones"

Bones are a percussion instrument that date back to ancient times. They were brought to America by immigrants from northern Europe. Our "bones" are handmade from various hardwoods by John Huron, a craftsman from east Tennessee, who specializes in replicas of nineteenth century instruments that were played in the southern mountains.

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