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Build Me A Boat

Build Me A Boat: Hart & Blech

Kerry Blech: fiddle
Sheila Blech: guitar and vocals
Allen Hart: clawhammer and fingerstyle banjo, vocals

More classic southern tunes from Seattle's premiere square dance band. Kerry & Sheila Blech and their friend Allen Hart have become what they most admire. Here they do 28 numbers (!) in an hour and twelve minutes, possibly a record, taken from the deepest parts of the Old Time Music tunebook. Fiddle tunes from the likes of Lee Triplett, Lon Jordan and Farmer Howell fit easily with the banjo repertoire of players like Joe Thompson, Dock Boggs and Rufus Crisp. You'd think you were sitting in a cabin on a mountainside in North Carolina... (Voyager Records)

Product ID:  VRCD354-CD    $15.00

Track List:

"The Po' Little Thing Cried Mammy"
"Papa, Build Me A Boat"
"Old Corn Liquor"
"Walkin' In The Parlor"
"Marchin' through Georgia"
"Lady Of The Lake"
"Carolina Rattlesnake"
"Old M Logo"
"Coal Creek March"
"Blue Eyed Gal"
"Do, Little Bobby, Do"
"Cleveland Marching To The Whitehouse"
"John Cole"
"Old Billie Wilson"

"Dock's Own Blues"
"Sweet 'Bama"
"Defellum Blues"
"Sheep and Cows Walking Through the Pasture"
"Wild Bill Jones"
"Black Annie"
"The Downfall of Richmond"
"On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand"
"Newport Breakdown"
"Indian Shot the Woodchuck"
"Wimbush Rag"
"The Wilds of Idaho"
"Train 45"
"Louise Marie Waltz"

A Devil of a Row

A Devil of a Row: Hart & Blech

Allen Hart: banjo
Sheila Blech: guitar
Kerry Blech: fiddle

We proudly present to you the first CD by this trio of dedicated Old Time Musicians from Seattle. We guarantee you have never heard the tunes before, though a few of the names might seem familiar. You might know Kerry as the most published reviewer of fiddle music in both the Old Time Herald and Victory Music Review.

Product ID:  SC-1610-CD    $15.00

Track List:

"Kicked Up a Devil of a Row"
"Crow Little Rooster"
"Wake Up"
"ChickenˇTuck Me In"
"Rockin' in a Weary Land"
"Red,White & BlueˇHolly Ding"
"Old Sharon"
"Train on the Island"
"French Waltz"
"Chinquapin Hunting"
"California Cotillion"
"Hook & Line"
"Yearlings in the Canebreak"

"The Roscoe Parrish Waltz"
"Buffalo Gals"
"Battle in the Horseshoe"
"Tie Your Dog"
"Sallie Gal"
"Will Davenport's Tune"
"All YoungˇLeather Britches"
"Go & See Your Own True Love"
"Leave Mine Alone"
"The Scolding Wife"
"Lightning in the East"
"The Mirabelle Waltz"

The Bright Sunny South - Songs (& Tunes) from the Civil War

The Bright Sunny South - Songs (& Tunes) from the Civil War: Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor: vocals, guitar, hammered dulcimer, fiddle
Sheila Adams: old time banjo
Tóla Custy: Irish fiddle
Hillary Dirlam: bass, guitar
Doug Phillips: fiddle

A beautifully done album of songs that were about the Civil War or were popular during the Civil War era. Included is some string band music commonly played among the soldiers who fought in the War Between the States. Although it was one of the darkest times in American history, leaving scars on the nation that have never completely healed, the music gives us some insight into the hearts of the men and boys who fought. All of Jim Taylor's recordings have meticulous historical notes on the songs. (Pearl Mae Music)

Product ID:  PM003-2-CD     $15.00

Track List:

"Battle of Pea Ridge"
"Going Across the Mountain"
"Lakes of Sligo"
"Bright Sunny South"
"General Lee"
"Shiloh's Hill"

"Cumberland Gap"
"Paddy's Lamentation"
"Jefferson & Liberty/Mrs. McLeod's Reel"
"Red, White & Red"
"Battle of Antietam"

On The Job Too Long

On The Job Too Long: Dillof, Rice & the Cuyahogians

Bill Dillof: banjo, fiddle, guitar, guitar-banjo, harmonica
Dave Rice: harmonica, guitar & fiddle
Joe La Rose: mandolin, guitar & Hawaiian guitar

Old time songs and dance tunes from the classic era. On the lookout for some really different Old Time Music? Look no further! Veteran players Bill Dillof and David Rice compiled these 22 numbers over a couple of years, with Joe Larose at the controls (and occasionally on the mandolin). These are mostly obscure tunes and songs, carefully and soulfully played by some of the most respected OTM guys out there. (Montana Peak)

Product ID:  MP001-CD    $15.00

Track List:

"Baby, Call Your Dog Off"
"Midnight On the Stormy Deep"
"Acadian Waltz"
"Can You Dance Tobacco Hill"
"Walk, Tom Wilson, Walk"
"Sullivan’s Hollow"
"Santa Fe Folks Fiesta"
"Tar and Feathers"
"The Hobo From the T & P Line"
"North East Texas Breakdown"
"Texas Ranger"

"Home Town Waltz"
"Are You Gettin’ There Rabbit?"
"The Pretty Mohee"
"Get Off Your Money"
"The Wandering Gypsy Girl"
"Heave Ho The Anchor"
"Eighth of January"
"Been On The Job Too Long"
"Bailey Waltz"
"All I've Got's Gone"
"Acadian Blues"


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