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mountain dulcimer cds and tapes

Master of Mountain Dulcimer, Vol 1

Masters of Mountain Dulcimer Vol 1: Various Artists

This anthology is a who's who of dulcimer greats. Most of these people have been playing for at least 20 years, some for 50. A showcase of dulcimer techniques, styles and repertoire covering traditional American, British Isles and contemporary styles, we recommend this both as an overview for new players and as a treat for dulcimer sophisticates.

Product ID:  STM-103-CD    $15.00

Track List:

"Song For Polly" - Larkin Bryant Cohen
"Stormy Weather" - Janita Baker
"Time After Time" - David Schnaufer
"Misty Mountain Morning/Amazing Grace" - Susan Trump
"Canarios" - Neal Hellman
"Soor Plooms" - Mike Casey
"Resignation/Goin' To Boston" - Jean Ritchie
"Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes/Give Me Your Hand" - Lois Hornbostel
"Droning Mrs. Gobier/Old Christmas For Dulcimer" - Margaret MacArthur

"Muddy River Suite" - Lorraine Lee Hammond
"Liza Jane" - Betty Smith
"Si Beg Si Mor" - Mark Nelson
"Emma's Song" - Bill Taylor
"Don't Get Around Much Anymore" - Rob Brereton
"Gypsy Wind" - Gary Gallier
"Bonaparte Crossing The Rhine" - Tull Glazener
"The Extra Drops Of Brandy" - Leo Kretzner
"Greensleeves/Scarborough Fair" - Sue Carpenter
"The Humours Of Glenridge" - Wayne Seymour

Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Vol 2

Masters of the Mountain Dulcimer Vol 2: Various Artists

The second in this series of instrumental repertoire by master dulcimer players. Tunes vary from traditional to contemporary, original, classical, celtic, and old time. Solo and ensemble selections.

Product ID:  STM105-CD    $15.00

Track List:

"Romp of the Canyon Kitties" - Ruth Barrett and Cyntia Smith
"Elk River Blues" - David Schnaufer and Stephen Seifert
"McFarlane's Lament" - Mike Casey
"Jeff Davis/Run Boy Run" - Karen Mueller
"Stephen Foster Medley" - Steven K. Smith
"Leaving the Methow" - Heidi Muller
"Panis Angelicus" - John Blosser
"Liza Jane/ Boil Them Cabbage Down/Soldier's Joy" - Jerry Rockwell

"Mozart's Kontretanz" - Larry Conger
"Noel New-Velvet" - Steve Eulberg
"Heartbeat" - Susan Trump
"In the Bleak Midwinter/Spring's Promise" - Dan Evans
"Speed the Plow" - Don Pedi
"Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho" - Hollis Landrum
"Coleen's Waltz" - Neal Walters
"Wellyn" - Robert Force and Albert D'Ossché
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow" - Shelly Stevens

Song For Grandpa

Song For Grandpa: Scott Odena

Scott Odena: mountain dulcimer, guitar, banjo, mandolin, vocals

Although Scott plays all the instruments on this recording, the focus is definitely on the mountain dulcimer. As a clawhammer banjo player, he's able to capture banjo licks and integrate the style into his mountain dulcimer playing. How?... by using a flat pick and lots of hammer-ons and pull offs. In addition to sparkling fiddle tunes, there are wonderful old time Track List, some Irish melodies and a sprinkling of Scott's original works for dulcimer.

Product ID:  SO-SFG-CD    $15.00

Track List:

"Sandy River Belle/Fort Belvoir Schottische/Sugar Hill"
"Bacon & Greens"
"Balance & Swing"
"Tripping Up The Stairs/Connaughtman's Rambles"
"I'm Tired Of Livin' In The City"
"Red Wing"
"Cluck Ol'Hen/Turkey In The Straw/Chicken Reel"

"Gentle Maiden"
"Black Them Boots/Goodbye Liza Jane/Susannah Gal/Angelina Baker"
"Rabbit In The Log"
"Song For Grandpa"

Mountain Dulcimer

Mountain Dulcimer: Stephen Seifert

Stephen Seifert plays 21 traditional tunes from the southern mountains and beyond......yes, indeed! A young player and protegé of David Schnaufer, he gets inside the dulcimer as well as the tune. He shows great respect for the genre, carefully crafts each arrangement, then lays back and plays the dickens out of it. Skill, control, finesse, dexterity, that's our boy! If you love great mountain dulcimer playing and the old time fiddle tune repertoire, get this CD.

Product ID:  SCS-MD-001-CD    $15.00

Track List:

"Old Shady Grove"
"Do You Love an Apple"
"Barlow Knife"
"Chinese Breakdown"
"Rosin the Beau"
"Kitchen Girl"
"Just As I Am"
"Ida Red"
"Arkansas Traveler"
"Foggy Dew"
"Southern Aristocracy"

"Soldier's Joy"
"Savoy Family Waltz"
"The Girl I Left Behind Me"
"New Shady Grove"
"Home Sweet Home"
"Seneca Square Dance"
"Buffalo Gals"
"Cluck Old Hen"
"Westfork Gals"

Mode for Dulcimer

Mode for Dulcimer: Stephen Seifert

Stephen Seifert: dulcimer, baritone dulcimer, bass dulcimer                          
Other instruments: fiddle, banjo

Product ID:  SCS002-CD    $15.00

Track List:

"Wildwood Flower"
"Precious Memories"
"Cherokee Shuffle"
"(Ghost Riders) In The Sky"
"Tennessee Waltz"
"Happy Land"
"Ground Hog"
"Little Liza Jane"
"De Bharr Na Gnoc (From Top of the Hills)"

"Banish Misfortune and Boyne Hunt"
"When They Ring Them Golden Bells"
"Arkansas Traveler"
"Camp Meeting on the Fourth of July"
"Baby Elephant Walk"
"Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine"
"Ashokan Farewell"
"Mode for the Dulcimer"
"Turkey in the Straw"

Lark In The Twilight

Lark In The Twilight: Larkin Bryant Cohen

Larkin Bryant Cohen: dulcimer, bass dulcimer, fiddle, bodhran, triangle
Peter Hyrka: fiddle, 5-string fiddle
Andy Cohen: guitar, accordion, djembe, thighbones
Scott Odena: mandolin
Kevin Holloway: shakers, tom-tom, djembe, other percussion

This CD contains 59 lovely minutes of instrumental music from Scotland, Ireland, England, France and America, mostly traditional, featuring the mountain dulcimer. Airs, ballads, jigs, marches and dances. Solo dulcimer and ensemble arrangements! Fingerpicked & strummed pieces! Newly recorded versions of three of Larkin's own dulcimer classics: "Song For Polly," "Deep Like A River," and "Lark In The Twilight!" Exotic instruments featured on ensemble pieces! (also available in cassette)

Product ID:  RL-103-CD    $15.00
Product ID:  RL-103-CS    $10.00

Track List:

"Le Chat Blanc"
"The High Road to Gareloch/The Nameless Jig"
"The Mary Suite: Mary Hamilton /Lady Mary"
"Song for Polly"
"Scarborough Fair"
"Skewbald/Lovely Joan"
"Cradle Song/Farewell"
"Le Chat Blanc Avec les Quatres Petits Chats"
"Green Rocky Road"

"Wondrous Love"
"The Back O' Bennachie/The Duck Jig"
"The Winding Banks of Erne"
"Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon"
"La Belle de Charenton"
"Lark in the Twilight"
"Deep Like a River"


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