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hammered dulcimer cds

Celtic Grace

Celtic Grace: Contemplative Music for the Spirit

Larkin Bryant: hammered dulcimer
Robert Feol: guitar
Susanna Perry Gilmore: fiddle
Barry Gilmore: guitar, hammered dulcimer
Mary Abbay Gourley: celtic harp
Jeanne Simmons: wooden flute, Irish whistle

An extremely lyrical, exquisitely beautiful CD in which the musicians play in various ensemble settings from solo and duo performances to trios and quartets. The ancient melodies and gentle airs, with one exception, all come from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. Included are some well-known favorites like "Morning Has Broken" and "All Through the Night." Hammered dulcimer enthusiasts will find plenty of dulcimer featured on the CD.

Product ID:  CHC002-CD    $15.00

Track List:

Jock O'Hazeldean - Trad. Scot's Ballad Tune
Banks and Braes of Bonnie Doon - Trad. Scot's Air
Ar Hyd Y Nos (All through the Night) - Trad. Welsh Melody
Cradle Song/The Yellow Road - J. Scott Skinner/Irish Slow Air
Kingsfold/Star of the County Down - Trad. English/Irish Melody
Connaughtman's Rambles/Haste to the Wedding - Trad. Irish Jigs
The Southwind - Trad. Irish Melody
Skye Boat Song - Isle of Skye

Bunessan (Morning Has Broken) - Trad. Gaelic Air, Isle of Mull
Si Bheag Si Mhor - Turlough O'Carolan
The Water is Wide - Trad. English Melody
The Little Beggarman - Trad. Irish Melody
Farewell to Tarwathie - Trad. Scot's Melody
The Manx Lullaby - Isle of Man
Simple Gifts - Shaker Dance Tune, Elder Joseph Brackett

The Civil War Collection

The Civil War Collection: Jim Taylor
Instrumental Music of the Southern Appalachian Mountains

Jim Taylor: hammered dulcimer, guitar
Sheila Barnhill: banjo
Bruce Green: fiddle
Tom Draughon: guitar

A combination of two recordings: The Falls of Richmond and Little Rose Is Gone. Traditional Instrumental Music from the southern Appalachian Mountains. The hammered dulcimer lends a certain refinement to the usually raucous string band sound. We like the accompanying booklet of careful, researched liner notes that details the history behind the tunes. Originally done as two separate cassettes, this material is now available on a 70 minute CD. Jim Taylor, from Marshall, NC, is a Civil War reenactor as well as a fine hammered dulcimer player. (Pearl Mae Music)

Product ID:  PM004-2-CD    $15.00

Track List:

"Booth Shot Lincoln/I'll Learn You How To Rock Andy"
"Three Forks of Hell/Arkansas Traveler/Pop Goes the Weasel"
"Camp Chase"
"The Rebel Raid/Abe's Retreat"
"They Swung John Brown to a Sour Apple Tree"
"Dixie/Come Dance & Sing"
"McClanahan's March"
"St. Patrick's Day in the Morning/Gary Owen/Haste to the Wedding"
"Stony Point"
"The Falls of Richmond"

"There is a Fountain"
"Little Rose is Gone/Billy in the Low Ground"
"Bragg's Retreat/Leather Britches"
"Last of Sizemore"
"Money Musk #1 & 2/Turkey in the Straw"
"Hell Broke Loose in Georgia "
"John Brown's Dream/John Brown's March"
"Republican Spirit/Mississippi Sawyer"
"Quince Dillon's High D/Richmond Blues"
"Seneca Square Dance"
"Bonaparte's Retreat/Bonaparte's Charge/Bonaparte's March"

The Civil War Collection Vol 2

The Civil War Collection Vol 2: Jim Taylor & Friends

Jim Taylor: hammered dulcimer, vocals, guitar
Sheila Kay Adams: old time banjo
Bruce Greene: fiddle
Carl Jones: guitar
Don Pedi: mountain dulcimer
Beth Magill: whistle, flute
Barry Phillips: cello
Shelley Phillips: harp

This recording has a lush ensemble sound, almost Celtic in nature with the addition of whistle, harp, cello and of course hammered dulcimer. The accompanying ten page booklet is chock full of historical notes on the tunes! (Pearl Mae Music)

Product ID:  PM008-2-CD     $15.00

Track List:

"Old 1812"
"Hog Eyed Man"
"Old Liza Jane/Buffalo Gals"
"Colonel Crockett/Jenny on the Railroad"
"Getting Out of the Way of the Federals/Run Rebel, Run"
"Stack Them Up In Piles/Abe's Retreat/Who's Been Here Since I've Been Gone"

"Rickett's Hornpipe/Fisher's Hornpipe"
"Scott's Return"
"Old Virginia/Granny Will Your Dog Bite? 1 & 2"
"Old Dan Tucker/Step to the Music, Johnny"
"Speed the Plow/Grey Eagle/Speed the Plough/Devil's Dream"
"The 22nd of February"

One October Morn

One October Morn: Jim Taylor

Jim Taylor: hammered dulcimer, guitar
Tim Abel: concertina
Tola Custy: fiddle
Tom Draughn: guitar
Joe Holbert: guitar
Beth Magill: flute, whistle
Elliot Wadopian: bass

Mostly Irish traditional repertoire featuring Hammered Dulcimer, Celtic and original music arranged for the sparkling, delicate playing of Jim Taylor. Lovely, tasteful arrangements! (Pearl Mae Music)

Product ID:  PM007-2-CD     $15.00

Track List:

"Lord Inchiquin/Carolan's Welcome"
"Farewell to Whiskey"
"Smuggler's Reel"
"Loftus Jones"
"Farewell to Clare"
"Paddy Concannon's Reel"
"Mull of the Mountain"

"Lord Gordon's Reel"
"One October Morn"
"Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine"
"Caherlistrane Jig/Trip to Sligo"
"Tola's Tune"
"Si Bheag Si Mhor"
"Echoes of Summer"


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