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blues revivalist cds

Ridiculous Instrumentals

Ridiculous Instrumentals: Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen's latest opus consists of fourteen guitar pieces and a piano rag. Aside from some impossible Rev. Gary Davis and Big Bill Broonzy classics, he's included half a dozen of his own compositions and unique arrangements, equally impossible. The cover art by photographer David Nester sets the CD off perfectly: this is the most ridiculous CD you've evah hoid!

Product ID:  RL 10108-2 CD     $15.00

Track List:

"Big Bill (The Mopper's Blues)" - Broonzy
"Harlem Chocolate Babies" - Johnson
"Twelve Sticks" - Davis
"Brillo's Waltz" - Cohen
"Free At Last" - Cohen
"Happy Time/St. Thomas" - Pindar/Rollins
"United States March" - Davis
"Miss Lady" - Cohen

"Make Believe Stunt" - Davis
"Buckdancer's Choice" - Trad/Cohen
"Lay Me Down In D" - Cohen
"High Society" - Picou
"New Gravy Waltz" - Allen
"Shuffle Rag" - Broonzy
"Brady Lake Breezes" (a Piano rag) - Cohen

Preachin' In That Wilderness

Preachin' In That Wilderness

Andy Cohen, Bill Ellis, Eleanor Ellis

This is a CD reissue of a cassette that Andy and his friends made for Marimac, an important recording company in the Old Time Music trade, back in 1990. Not much has changed: Andy, Bill and Eleanor are all still making music, and it's all one kind of Old Time Music or another. It just seems to improve with age...

Product ID:  RL 10107 CD     $15.00

Track List:

"John The Revelator" - traditional
"C.C. & O Blues" - Simmie Dooley
"In My Girlish Days" - Memphis Minnie
"Your Up Is Down" - Bill Ellis
"A Mother's Last Words To Her Son" - Washington Phillips
"Wee Midnight Hour" - McTell/Weaver
"Bill's Blues" - A. M. Cohen
"Worried Blues" - Henry Thomas
"You Jes' Well Let Her Go" - Casey Bill Weldon
"Lift Him Up" - Washington Phillips
"Cookbook" - Larry Johnson

"You Got My Money" - Bill Ellis
"Spanish Flangdang" - Cotten/Washington/Cohen
"Jonah" - Henry Thomas
"Hawkins Rag" - Hawkins/Hawkins/Cohen
"New Cat Blues" - Bill Ellis
"Leavin' Trunk" - Sleepy John Estes
"Jump Little Children" - Brownie McGhee
"Shack Rouster Song" - Walt Phelps
"Spoonful" - Mance Lipscomb
"Hungry Blues" - Langston Hughes/James P. Johnson
"Poor Boy" - Gus Cannon

Andy Cohen

Play It A Long Time

Andy Cohen and friends

A veritable bridal bouquet of Andy's work - old, new, borrowed, blue - compiled out of two vinyls, a couple of cassettes and a few CDs, so Andy could show off more or less by himself.

Product ID:  RL 107 CD     $15.00

Track List:

"Seaboard Train Blues"
"Pea Vine"
"Mississippi Heavy Water Blues"
"Organ Grinder Swing"
"Shuffle Rag"
"Oh Glory"
"Riley & Spencer"
"Church Bells"
"Hawkins Rag"
"Wee Midnight Hour"

"Shack Rouster Song"
"Crow Jane"
"When My Sugar Walks"
"Five and Ten Cent Blues"
"Children of Zion"
"Chesapeake Bay"
"Last Chance Blues"

Mississippi Heavy Water Blues

Mississippi Heavy Water Blues: Andy Cohen & Larkin Bryant

Andy Cohen: guitar, national steel, mandolin, vocals
Larkin Bryant: guitar, vocals

A dozen of Memphis's best blues numbers covering the stretch from Victor's earliest Southern recordings to the early forties, with a couple of Andy and Larkin's original instrumentals thrown in for good measure. The title cut refers to Barbecue Bob's song about the 1927 flood. (Riverlark Music)

Product ID:  RL104-CD     $15.00

Track List:


"Squabblin' Blues" - Barner/LaRose
"Frankie Jean" - Memphis Minnie
"Cool Iron Bed" - Big Jack Kelley
"Jitterbug Swing" - Bukka White
"Mamie" - Ted Bogan
"The Man I Love" - Memphis Minnie
"Mississippi Heavy Water Blues" - Barbecue Bob

"Panhead Blues" - ©Cohen
"Keep Your Arms Around Me, Papa" - Arthur Crudup
"Talkin' Casey" - Mississippi John Hurt
"Wee Midnight Hour" - Leroy Carr
"It Won't Be Long" - Frank Stokes
"Rock Me, Papa" - Arthur Crudup
"Dog Day Blues" - ©Cohen/Bryant

Dolceola Favorites

Dolceola Favorites: Andrew M. Cohen

Andrew M. Cohen: Dolceola

Andrew M. Cohen, Dolceolist (we know him as Andy) has released Dolceola Favorites, the first ever CD of this marvelous miniature piano, recorded in Memphis on two different instruments, just in time for its centenary. (Riverlark Music)

This instrument, a tiny grand piano, was created in Toledo, Ohio, just after the turn of the twentieth century. After a brief run of popularity, the Toledo Symphony Company was overwhelmed by the Panic of 1907, and the instruments disappeared into peoples' attics.

Product ID:  RL105-CD      $15.00

Track List:


"Mother's Last Words" - Phillips
"Precious Lord" - Thomas A. Dorsey
"All Night Long" - Skip James
"What A Friend We Have In Jesus" - Rev. Charles A. Tindley
"The Entertainer" - Scott Joplin
"Oak Top Boogie" - Jim Brewer
"John Ate The Locust and the Honey" - William Lee Ellis
"Rock Island Line" - Huddie Ledbetter
"Organ Grinder Swing" - Clarence Williams
"What Are They Doin' In Heaven Today/Paul & Silas" - Tindley

"John Hurt Medley ("Frankie/Creole Belle/Richland Woman")" - Hurt/Lampe/Hurt
"Take Your Burden To The Lord" - Rev. Charles A. Tindley
"Tipitina/Denomination Blues" - Roy Bird/Phillips
"La Valse Joyeuse" - Jean Carignan
"Teddy Bear's Picnic" - Bratton/Kennedy
"When My Sugar Walks Down The Street" - Mills/McHugh/Austin
"Goin' Home" - Charlie Patton
"Lord Franklin" - Trad/Carthy
"I Bid You Goodnight" - Pindar Family
"Bertha Mae" - Memphis Slim (Peter Chatman)

Oh Glory, How Happy I Am

Oh Glory, How Happy I Am - The Sacred Songs of Rev. Gary Davis: Andy Cohen

Andy Cohen: acoustic guitar & vocal, with special guest vocalist Larkin Bryant Cohen

Rev. Gary Davis (1896-1972) is considered the benchmark guitar stylist, the Segovia of the "Piedmont" style. Andy is a student both of Davis and of the many students he generated in the course of his life, a veritable one-man movement. This is Andy's take on the sacred side of Rev. Davis' repertoire. (Riverlark Music)

Product ID:  RL102-CD     $15.00

Track List:

"Oh Glory, How Happy I Am"
"Twelve Gates To The City"
"Samson & Delilah"
"I Am The Light Of This World"
"I'll Be all Right Some Day"
"Pure Religion"
"Goin' To Sit Down On the Banks of the River"
"I'm Glad I'm In That Number"
"God's Gonna Separate"

"Children Of Zion"
"You Got To Move"
"Get Right Church"
"I Belong To The Band"
"Tryin' To Get To Heaven In Due Time"
"A Little More Faith"
"I Will Do My Last Singing In This Land"
"Oh Glory How Happy I Am" (reprise, with Larkin)

Gary Davis Style: The Legacy of Rev. Gary Davis

Gary Davis Style: The Legacy Of Rev. Gary Davis - Various Artists

Gary Davis Style is a tribute to America's greatest acoustic guitar player, demonstrating how pervasive his musical influence was, and still is. Brought together for this project are musicians who were particularly shaped by their studies with him and of him. Produced by Andy Cohen for Inside Sounds.

Blind almost from birth, music was both necessary to Davis' living and embraced by him as his avocation. From his earliest "serenading" gigs in Greenville, South Carolina, to his extended stay in Durham, he absorbed all the music around him, synthesized it and taught it back to whomever was receptive. That included Blind Boy Fuller, the most celebrated bluesman of the 1930s, of whom Gary said, "...he would have been all right if he'd stayed under me a little longer..."

Product ID:  ISC0508-CD     $15.00

Track List:


"Throwing Up My Hands" - Ari Eisinger
"South Carolina Rag" - Willie Walker
"Rag Mama Rag" - Blind Boy Fuller w/Davis
"Let Us Get Together" - Ken Whiteley & friends
"Light Of This World" - Maria Muldaur w/ Ernie Hawkins
"Will There Be Stars In My Crown" - Ernie Hawkins
"Pure Religion" - Eric Noden
"Devil's Dream" - Pat Conte
"I Heard The Angels Singing" - William Lee Ellis
"United States March" - Ellen Britton
"Sit On The Banks/Buck Dance" - Mary Flower

"Twelve Gates To The City" - Cephas & Wiggins
"Hesitation Blues" - Ian Buchanin w/ the Otis Brothers
"Gary Davis Style" - Perry Lederman
"Samson I" - Peter Paul & Mary
"Samson II" - Mitch Greenhill & Mayne Smith
"God Knows How Much We Can Bear" - Penny Lang & friends Phyllis Hall
"Hesitation Blues/Where'd You Get Your Liquor" - Jerry Ricks
"Soon My Work Will All Be Done" - Dave van Ronk & friends
"I Will Do My Last Singing" - Rick Ruskin

Blues Advice

Blues Advice: Ernie Hawkins

Ernie Hawkins: vocals and fingerstyle acoustic guitar

Ernie's first CD, a compilation of classic, rare and pristine blues and gospel songs. Ernie was a student of several of the old master bluesmen, notably Rev. Gary Davis, Son House, Mance Lipscomb, Skip James and Guitar Gabriel. His music is rich and deep, as theirs was, undiluted by time and only made more poignant by their passing. (Say Mo' Music)

Product ID:  SM002-CD     $15.00

Track List:

"Police Dog Blues"
"Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues"
"Another Friend Like Me"
"What Am I To Do Blues"
"Will There Be Stars In My Crown"
"If You Haven't Any Hay"
"Penitentiary Blues"
"Crow Jane"

"Florida Blues"
"Where The Mississippi Meets The Monongahela"
"Cold Winter Day"
"Call Up China"
"Samson & Delilah"
"Down South When You Do Anything Wrong"


Bluesified: Ernie Hawkins

Ernie Hawkins: vocal, fingerstyle acoustic guitar with special guest Maria Muldaur

Ernie's latest recording: Country Rags, Blues and Gospel. This CD is a profession of faith: in music, people, blues, deity, complexity. Ernie, with a doctorate in Psychology, has been borne through a less than easy life by the blues masters and their work, which he renders faithfully and adds to. He is a highly advanced player, a musician's musician, a man of large heart, the real thing. (Say Mo' Music)

Product ID:  SM007-CD     $15.00

Track List:

"I Am A Pilgrim"
"Slow Drag"
"Crucifixion/Jesus Gonna Make Up My Dyin' Bed"
"Riding On A Moonbeam"
"Broke Down Engine"

"Root Hog Or Die"
"Hawkins Rag"
"What You Gonna Do?"
"I Belong To The Band"
"Amazing Grace/Tribute To Blind Willie McTell"

Match Box Blues

Match Box Blues: David Evans

David Evans: guitar, kazoo, vocals
Jobie Kilzer: harmonica
Dick Raichelson: piano
Amy Adcock: upright bass, tamborine
Jack Adcock: washboard, percussion, jug

"The tunes here are among my favorites...his guitar playing is absolutely perfect." - Charlie Musselwhite

Product ID:  ISC-0514      $12.99

Track List:


"One Dime Blues"
"Aunt Caroline Dye Blues"
"Shake 'Em On Down"
"Match Box Blues"
"Candy Man"
"Mellow Peaches" ("Peach Tree Blues")
"Railroad Blues"

"State Of Arkansas Blues"
"Prison Bound Blues"
"Skinny Woman" ("Gravel Road Woman")
"Keep On Grumbling"
"See See Rider"
"Big Road Blues"
"One Kind Favor"

Shake That Thing

Shake That Thing!: Last Chance Jug Band

Led by Grammy award winning blues scholar, David Evans.

David Evans: vocals, acoustic guitar, kazoo
Jobie Kilzer: harmonica, jug
Dick Raichelson: piano
Tom Janzen: drums
Richard Graham: one-string bass, washboard, jug, percussion

Following the Memphis Jug Band tradition, this fine group, headed up by respected blues scholar, Dr. David Evans, recreates the jug band sound that rang through Handy Park in the 20s and 30s. Taking the old Victor 78s as their starting point, they update the instrumentation with keyboard and a limited trap set without losing the spirit of the music that made Memphis the nexus of the blues world from that day to this. (Inside Sounds)

Product ID:  ISC0501-CD     $15.00

Track List:


"Shake That Thing!"
"Last Chance Blues"
"Kansas City Blues"
"Write Me A Few Lines"
"Who Pumped the Wind in My Doughnut?"
"King and Queen Blues"
"Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon"

"Beale Street Dandy"
"Mississippi River Blues"
"Poor Boy Long Way From Home"
"Mister Crump"
"The Judge He Pleaded"
"Time is Winding Up"

Goin' Down South Blues Sampler

Goin' Down South Blues Sampler: Various Artists

Produced by Eddie Dattel in conjunction with the nationally touring Visualizing the Blues exhibition, Goin' Down South Blues Sampler represents Southern Blues from the traditional delta slide-guitar blues to more contemporary electric blues like the Daddy Mack Blues Band. It is a diverse collection that holds together as a cohesive listening experience — the definitive Memphis/North Mississippi blues sampler! (Inside Memphis)

Product ID:  ISC-0510-CD     $10.00

Track List:


"Memphis Round Up" - Jason Freeman
"Poor Boy Long Way From Home" - David Evans & Jobie Kilzer
"Goin' Down South" - R. L. Burnside
"Razor Blade" - Daddy Mack Blues Band
"Darling, Please Come Home" - Billy Gibson
"Last Chance Blues" - Last Chance Jug Band
"What Is Your Life" - Junkyardmen, featuring Mose Vinson

"Just As I Am" - Sandy Carroll
"Get Right Church" - Lorette Velvette
"I Ain't Found Out Yet" - Junkyardmen
"Midnight Hour" - Bobby Little
"Shake 'Em On Down" - McCarty-Hite Blues Project
"Secondhand Store" - Blind Mississippi Morris

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