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W.C. Handy's Memphis Blues Band

W.C. Handy's Memphis Blues Band

The first recordings by the Father of the Blues, with his own hand-picked orchestra.

These recordings were made between 1917 and 1923, Mr. Handy presiding and playing cornet. His orchestra featured trombone, clarinet, alto sax, violins, piano, tuba, string bass, drums and xylophone! Produced and with liner notes by Richard Hite. (Memphis Archives)

Product ID:  MA7006-CD     $12.99

Track List:

"Fuzzy Wuzzy Rag"
"Snakey Blues"
"Ole Miss Rag"
"That Jazz Dance"
"The Old Town Pump"
"Moonlight Blues"
"Hooking Cow Blues"
"Bunch O' Blues"

"Sweet Child"
"Livery Stable Blues"
"St. Louis Blues"
"Yellow Dog Blues"
"Muscle Shoals Blues"
"She's A Mean Job Blues"
"Gulf Coast Blues"
"Farewell Blues"

State Of Tennessee Blues

State Of Tennessee Blues: The Memphis Jug Band

Boss Crump's favorite ensemble! Beale Street in the twenties gave rise to all kinds of blues: Boogie piano players, Mississippi guitar geniuses, fancy female singers and best of all, the bands! This collection of 18 perfectly clean 78s, remastered for CD, shows why the Memphis Jug Band was Boss Crump's favorite party band. Produced by Richard Hite using material from his own 78 collection. (Memphis Archives)

Product ID:  MAS7019-CD     $12.99

Track List:

"Son Brimmer Blues"
"Stingy Woman Blues"
"I Packed My Suitcase, Started to the Train"
"State of Tennessee Blues"
"Bob Lee Junior Blues"
"Kansas City Blues"
"I'll See You in the Spring When the Birds Begin to Sing"
"Snitchin' Gambler Blues"
"Evergreen Money Blues"

"Coal Oil Blues"
"Papa Long Blues"
"Peaches in the Springtime"
"Sugar Pudding"
"A Black Woman is Like a Black Snake"
"Feed Your Friend with a Long Handled Spoon"
"I Can Beat You Plenty (That Hand You Tried to Deal Me)"
"Tired of You Driving Me"
"Whipped My Woman with a Singletree"

Memphis Town

Memphis Town: Various Artists

If Beale Street could talk, this is what it would say!

Listen up now! On this astonishing potpourri of songs recorded between the 20s and the 50s, Beale Street tells its remarkable story: Society stomps, gutbucket blues, hot jazz, rockabilly, gospel, all of it. The tunes are about Memphis, or are performed by Memphis musicians. Produced and with liner notes by Richard Hite. (Memphis Archives)

Product ID:  MA7005-CD     $12.99

Track List:


"Memphis Blues" (Handy) - Morton Harvey
"Jazzbo Brown From Memphis Town" - Bessie Smith
"Memphis Rag" - the Chickasaw Synopators
"Memphis Five" - Lee Green
"Memphis Yodel" - Jimmie Rodgers
"Beale Street Blues" (Handy) - Jack Teagarden
"Yellow Dog Blues" (Handy) - Ben Bad Boys
"Joe Turner Blues" - Johnny Dobb's Black Bottom Stomper's
"Memphis Kickup" - Slim Lamar & His Southerners

"Basement Blues" (Handy) - Noble Sissie & Orch with Sidney Bichet
"Memphis Shakedown" - Memphis Jug Band
"Beale Street Holiday" - Charlie Burse & His Memphis Mudcats
"Rose Room" - Swift Jewel Cowboys
"Jasper's Gal" - Memphis Slim
"Drifting" - Memphis Jimmy
"Boogie Beat" - Levi Seabury & His Band
"Memphis Slim USA" - Peter Chatman & Matt Murphy
"My Life is in His Hands" - Memphis Gospel Singers

Memphis Country Blues Volume 1

Memphis Country Blues Volume 1: Various Artists

The Blues from when Beale Street was Jumpin'!

Not a nostalgia CD. These artists set the tone for the black music industry, which in turn became the mainspring for the rest of America's popular music. The 78s from which this reissue was made are very clean, and were done by Memphis area's most respected blues artists in the late 20s and early 30s. Liner notes include brief bios on each artist. Produced by Richard Hite using selections from his personal 78 collection. (Memphis Archives)

Product ID:  MA-7001-CD     $12.99

Track List:


"Ain't No Use You Trying To Tell Me" - Memphis Minnie (1935)
"Walk Right In" - Cannon's Jug Stompers (1929)
"Old Jim Cannan" - Robert Wilkins, Kids Spoons (1935)
"Highway 61 Blues" - Will Weldon (1927)
"Roll and Tumble Blues" - Hambone Willie Newbern (1929)
"Coldest Stuff in Town" - Hattie Hart, Allen Shaw, Willie Borum (1934)
"Jim Jackson's Jamboree" - Jim Jackson, Tampa Red, Georgia Tom, Speckled Red (1929)
"New Frisco Town" - Bukka White, Napoleon Harrison (1930)

"Shake 'Em on Down" - Bukka White, Napoleon Harrison (1937)
"Someday Baby Blues" - Sleepy John Estes, Hammie Nixon (1935)
"Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do" - Frank Stokes, Dan Sane
"The Beale Street Sheiks" (1925)
"Stealin', Stealin' & Whitewash Station Blues" - Memphis Jug Band (1928)
"Everybody's Blues" - Furry Lewis (1927)
"That's No Way to Get Along" - Robert Wilkins ( 1929)

Piano Wizards

Piano Wizards: Various Artists

This is where it all came from, folks...

Those of you old enough to know about Swing and Boogie Woogie will know this one's the best of the best, doing the best they ever did. Now, which hand did they do that with? If you don't know, telling you won't help...but whatever you do... Get this album! (Memphis Archives)

Product ID:  MA7015-CD      $12.99

Track List:


"Honky Tonk Train" - Meade Lux Lewis
"Clothes Line Ballet" - Fats Waller
"Fat Francis" - Jelly Roll Morton
"Chicago High Life" - Earl Hines
"Fast and Furious" - Duke Ellington
"Shout for Joy" - Albert Ammons
"Cafe Society Rag" - Meade, Pete & Albert
"Wild Flower Rag" - Clarence Williams
"In A Mist" - Bix Beiderbeck

"Flashes/In the Dark" - Jess Stacy
"St. Louis Blues" - Reginald Forsythe
"Buss Robi" - Art Tatum
"I Ain't Got Nobody" - Earl Hines
"Jab Blues" - Jabo Williams
"Farish Street Jive" - Little Brother Montgomery
"Cow Cow Boogie" - Cow Cow Davenport
"Hog-Maw Stomp" - Fats Waller

Blue Ladies

Blue Ladies: Various Artists

Mamie Smith was the first black woman to record a blues, in 1920. After her came a flood of vaudeville-based blueswomen that has continued unabated to this day. Recorded between 1921 and 1925, this early set of recordings by black women leaves no doubt as to their importance in the history of American recording as a whole. Besides, they kick butt! Produced by Richard Hite using material from his own 78 collection. (Memphis Archives)

Product ID:  MA7017-CD      $12.99

Track List:


"Rules and Regulations" - Edith Wilson
"I'm Gonna Get You" - Mamie Smith
"Thirty-First Street Blues" - Clara Smith
"Sing Sing Prison Blues" - Bessie Smith
"Nobody Knows What A Red Headed Mama Can Do" - Clementine Smith
"My Man Blues" - Sara Martin w/Sylvester Weaver
"If I Lose, Let Me Lose" - Maggie Jones
"Nobody Knows The Way I Feel This Morning" - Margaret Johnson
"I've Got Somebody Now" - Rosa Henderson

"Papa, Papa" - Lucille Hegamin
"Kentucky Man Blues" - Ida Cox
"Cow Cow Blues" - Dora Carr
"I'm Gonna Jazz My Way" - Mary Stafford
"I Ain't Gonna Marry, I Ain't Gonna Settle Down" - Viola McCoy
"Alabama Bound Blues" - Ethel Ridley
"The World's Jazz Crazy and So Am I" - Trixie Smith
"Those All Night Long Blues" - "Ma" Rainey
"No Man's Mama" - Ethel Waters

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